FTVGirlsBrea (2010)

As far as porn outfits go, FTVGirls is tres problematic. First, there’s the use of the word ‘girl’–which I find more problematic than ‘teen’ and ‘barely legal’ porn. A girl is 11 or 12; in the US someone has to be at least 18 years old to appear in pornographic images/videos. At which point they’re no longer a girl but a grown ass woman.

Also, with FTV there seems to be a fixation with IPD–improvised penetrative devices, especially with extremely large or otherwise unusual props.

That being said–although I loathe their bright, airy SoCal meets daylight studio suffusion of white-on-white light aesthetic–they are at least head and shoulders above most other mainstream porn purveyor in that they actually demonstrate some creative use of technology.

For example: with the image above, You’d expect most porn to have a greater depth of field that would’ve render both her genitals and her face in focus simultaneously. And while the shallow depth of field is intended to draw attention to what’s happening w/r/t her genitalia, I love the way it diminishes the camp value of her expression. (My instinct–if I’d been shooting this would be to focus on her face, while letting the foreground and background bokeh. But I’m pretty sure that would’ve resulted in awkwardness that would render the frame pretentiously arty yet still too porny to really ever be even remotely close to artistic.)

Either way, I really do love the way Brea’s expression scans her.

EDIT: Due to travel related distraction, I neglected to un-queue this. I still agree with my superficial observations; however, I think it would’ve been more interesting to compare/contrast with this image by Natalia Nobile. I feel like both have entirely identical aims that neither quite manages to achieve completely.