EL3 Imageryromahni-7 (2014)

The B&W work EL3 Imagery has authored is so bad it borders on offensive.

mostly that his compositions are either utterly dull or nonsensical.
Yet, there is sometimes interesting considerations show with regard to

He’s clearly going for and falling well short of a portraiture of immediacy feeling a la the fabulously talented ryanmuirhead;
and while he lacks the brashness, audacity and stones of radical
reinterpretation of what constitutes complimentary colors that vk-photography​‘s work, there is something instinctively compelling about EL3 Imagery’s crisp rendering of ultra vivid reds, greens and blues.

the case of the above, I don’t have 3D glasses handy but I’m reasonably
sure this would likely take on added dimensionality if I were to look
at this while wearing them. That’s not quite enough to carry the image
but it’s not something I can recall thinking of an image previously.