Elaine BezoldWrap (2014)

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Bezold–her work is all over the place.

When the work lands, there’s a sort of an Allison Barnes and Mark Steinmetz arguing over coffee about the merits/detriments of Emmet Gowin vs. Garry Winogrand to it.

I don’t think the above necessarily lands but it exemplifies something about Bezold’s work that doesn’t fit with any of her potential influences–there’s a nearly pathological preoccupation with texture.

This image is a relatively flat matte with the subject is standing pretty much right up against the wall but the texture of the wet, coiled hair is still clearly represented.

In other images (for example: this, this, or this), there’s a better use of space and depth (also: strobe–in the last two) to present a perfectly exposed image in a way that is interesting and compelling.