On the list of things I’m not into hentai ranks just below the term alpha male used in any non-zoological context and slightly above asparagus—seriously those mini-pine tree-looking shits embody the worst aspects of celery and olives.

Although it’s part of a tendency toward exploiting gender bending for extreme and kink potential, this image gets me very hot and bothered.

The style of hair, clothing, shoes, breast and body language all suggest a teenaged female bodied individual. Yet, this teenage girl is stroking an erect penis protruding from between her legs. She has already come everywhere but still propulsive semen spews out of her.

As I do not even pretend to read Japanese, the context of the scene is lost on me. However, I think its functions better that way—at least for me. I imagine this girl is hearing her older brother fucking his girlfriend and the thought of what the bodies meeting is too much for her to take so she squats, hikes up her nightgown and begins to masturbate.

And while certainly such transgressive impetus appeals to me, also there is the pleasure she clearly derives from her behavior—which seems much more than simple auditory voyeurism.

I can’t help thinking she is not fantasizing about the act of sexual intercourse or having sex with the participants she is overhearing en flagrante delicto. No, it seems as if she is imagining someone claiming her body with such reckless abandon.