Hi hi hi. Hello. That photo you reblogged with the two girls is of me (kara neko) and Brittany. Yes. But my boyfriend took that photo. Not creativerehab.

Thank you so much for the correction. (No snark intended at all. Seriously, I am trying to be careful about the curation aspect of things– something at which Tumblr seems to not exactly excel.)

I updated the post to reflect this information. Well, except the part about you leaning in to Brittany to take a picture. I believe you; but there is no way I could’ve ever guessed it that had you not mentioned it.

Also, I am a bit twitter-patted about my first ever Tumblr message being from you. Confession: I am kind of in awe of your Tumblr. In quality and content it’s head and shoulders above most of the stuff on here. Your curation is impeccable.

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