Groupo SitcomCactus 2012

I have no idea whether this is a print—though the bent edges look a bit too thick; or, if it is some type of instant film with which I am not familiar.

Either way I like it a lot. It handles bright sunlight in a fashion similar to Polaroid’s discontinued Spectra 990 instant film with a little bit more latitude for underexposure.

The manner in which the image is composed is sublime. The swath of golden light draws the eye from top left across and down the frame to the bottom right. There is a balance between positive space (skin) and negative space (the more underexposed parts of the frame).

Note: how the hand—you really have to look to see it—in the upper right balances the sliver of cushion or whatever in the lower left corner.

I normally do not like close ups. But this close up provides just enough context to determine that the subject is in a room, presumably seated in a chair with a potted cactus shading her mons pubis—and what a beautiful but scant shadow it casts on her skin—if you look close enough you can see its texture.

The cactus is a loaded, ambivalent symbol—needing careful tending, not too much or too little irrigation. They are also spiny, dangerously self-protective.

But while the cactus is certainly hers it is separated from her by a clay pot. As such it could represent something that from one angle seems a threat to her tender areas but when the light translates its form to shadow; its threat appears diminished—a little beautiful even.

This strikes me as a carefully constructed scene suggestive of a male and female perspective. It is explicit while simultaneously remaining completely aloof.

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