Hi. These are some pictures of my butt that I’ve posted on my blog. I just wanted to clear some stuff up about them. I have stopped posting them in the past because I was dating someone who 1) didn’t want other people seeing my butt and 2) was embarrassed that I would post them.

Here’s the most basic way I can say what I’m thinking.

Here’s what these pictures DON’T mean:

  • I want to have sex with you.
  • I want your attention.
  • I want sexual attention.
  • I have issues with self esteem.
  • I have no self-respect.
  • I have “daddy issues”.
  • I will have sex with you no matter who you are.
  • I am unintelligent and vapid.

Here’s what these pictures DO mean:

  • The human body is beautiful.
  • I have a butt.
  • It’s a good butt.
  • I’m proud of it.
  • Here’s a picture of it.
  • That’s it.
  • Nothing else.
  • Just a butt.

Here’s what these pictures say about me:

  • Nothing.

Here’s what pisses me off:

  • People who think that showing your body equates to a lack of self-respect or says something about your sexual activity.
  • People who think that this justifies receiving fucked up and creepy anonymous messages of harassment.
  • People who think that seeing a picture of my butt says anything about my personality, my mind, my soul, etc.
  • People who say they back up feminism and body positiveness, but if their girlfriend, or a girl they were interested in, posted a picture of their body on the internet they would suddenly “lose respect” for them.
  • People who think naked bodies = sex.
  • People who say things like “Do you think you’ll ever get a boyfriend if you’re posting those pictures?”, “I thought you weren’t posting those pictures anymore, haha.”, or “Why would someone date you when they can just look at your blog for those pictures?”
  • People who say those things and then ask me to send them pictures of my body. Fuck you.

Here’s what (I think) you should do:

  • Stop leaving hateful anonymous messages.
  • Stop using words like “slut” and “whore”.
  • Stop having double standards.
  • Stop assuming things about people.
  • Stop being hateful.
  • Be kind, be gentle, be respectful.
  • Keep scrolling down your dashboard.
  • Keep your shitty thoughts to yourself.
  • Love yourself.

That’s basically all I wanted to say for now, I’m sure I’ll end up thinking of more things but this has been a massive post about being body positive and loving the way you look and not letting shitty people get you down. 



Preach, sister. 


I love this girl!

i love this

Yes, this!!! Yes, a million times YES!!!

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