Honestly, I couldn’t give less of a fuck about the rest of the images in this series or the other visual output by Damien “Elroy” Vignaux; there is definitely something special about this one image, though.

I’ve seen lots of other shots like this but never in such dying light with attitudes of come hither sexy and coy, aloofness (or it could be resignation– today has not be the best w/r/t my ability to match words appropriately with contexts).

It also illustrates another point close to my heart–in the age of mass proliferation of visual culture, cyber bullying and revenge porn, there are certainly people who want to and should be able to post nude selfies and maintain some sense (which is probably nothing but a delusion) of anonymity. To that end, people shoot themselves from the neck down, producing garishly decapitated images. But seriously there are any number of ways to exclude your face from the visual field of the frame while keeping your body intact. This is one of the most creative examples I’ve ever encountered.

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