vanishing / Nicole / slowly, she did by Alessandra Celauro

Increased proximity to a subject expands the detail seen. But expanded detail comes at the expense of contextual clues with regard to the position of the subject and the relationship between the subject and its surroundings, etc.

Such is the primary reason I have such a profound distaste for close-ups.

This series is a notable exception; here, the lack of context adds a salacious charge.

The tight focus on the open mouth, pink lips, elastic bubblegum and tongue provides the viewer with an unusual vantage. Beyond the center images title, all cues with regard to gender, age and positioning in space/time are absent.

Although the images are stridently coy, there seems to be an anticipation of this criticism on the part of the image maker that is at least partially ameliorated by titling the images.

Still I can’t help thinking the cleverness of the work is just a smoke screen covering an inquiry much closer to spirit of Eadweard Muybridge work on Leland Stanford’s behalf.

Either way, it’s solid work from a talented young image maker.

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