Ravens (54 of 72) by Najva Sol

Sol’s website proclaims: “Life is NSFW.”

Brilliant put, slogan as a dialectic tool: a widely held, seldom considered thesis (i.e. facets of life are deemed appropriate for consideration by workers performing their day-to-day functions) as well as the antithesis (i.e. the messy exigencies of living may be so cleanly bifurcated is absurd/fascist).

At first blush, the work suggests an uncomplicated simplicity—a muddy, lo-fi admixture of reportage and editorial imagery.

Yet, what keeps surprising me is the degree to which her images operate in much the same fashion as her slogan: saying and unsaying—in circles, in cycles. There is something immensely appealing in her unflinching willingness to allow her subjects an autonomous dignity—playfulness tempered by the gravitas inherent in possessing a limited, fragile body.

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