andrea margaret

Margaret has made work with a veritable a who’s-who of Tumblr image makers: Darren Ankenman, Babak Ghaemian, Todd Hido, Brittany Market, Megan Sample, Erica Shires (whose work is INCREDIBLE), Art T (aka Creative Rehab) & Chip Willis.

Her appeal is understandable: she effortlessly shifts between ingenue, coquette, muse and provocateur. Yet, the shift is not so much like donning a mask as assuming an entirely new identity.

A desirable knack, certainly, but what further distinguishes her work is the fiercely assertive, in-your-face independence that shimmers just below the surface. Andrea Margaret can appear disdainful, bored, playful–often all at once–but it is always evidently she’ll tolerate no sort of foolywang whatsoever.

That’s what makes this picture stand out to me; it’s a self-portrait (as far as I can tell) with a severely limited dynamic range suggestive of a low-end digital rig–an iPhone 4, if I was forced to guess. It’s hell of muddy; but not in a someone tracked-mud-onto-the-floor-you-just-mopped way, in a simpering Delta blues way.

Here, Margaret seems less overtly confrontational. Instead, her provocation is cut with an aching, frustrated determination, perhaps some loneliness as well.

Quite nice, really.

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