Benjamin Koelewijn [Anxiety (2012)]

This is definitely some #skinnyframebullshit.

Glossing over that whole hot mess, the fire, the obscured face and the smeared black ooze recall Sarah Michelle Hoey’s kick-ass Requiems.

I am becoming irked as I look into this though. It’s fine to riff on your inspriations; but it’s another to claim someone else’s idea as your own.

Hoey posted Requiems on January 12, 2012, including a bad (but charmingly so) explanation of her inspiration and process.

Koelewijn subsequently posts Anxiety to his DeviantArt in late June/early July.

It’s not that Anxiety–which couldn’t be more knee-jerkily named–owes an obvious debt to Requiems and brings nothing its own to the table; it’s not Koelewijn failure/refusal to credit Hoey; it’s that Hoey’s work is of a fundamentally higher level of quality and skill, yet it still hasn’t achieved half the Flickr likes and comments that this post of Koelewijn’s has achieved on Tumblr.

If you agree, please don’t like this post; instead duck over here and like the only post of Requiems there seems to be on Tumblr.

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