Sisters #045, Prague, 1989

Stéphane Coutelle

I love everything about this image–the poses, expressions, tones and textures.

There’s something beyond aesthetic attraction, something more analogous to sympathetic resonance.

The location and the year: Prague, 1989–the eve of the Velvet Revolution.

Then it hit me: bodily closeness, dreams and wanting to touch, be touched.

And I flashback hard to Wim WendersWings of Desire–one of the greatest masterpieces of cinema about an angel who decides to become human after falling in love with a trapeze artist.

It’s one of my favorite films. But what really interests me is how both it and this invert the notion of installation (art inhabiting space) and allow space to inhabit art.

Maybe I am insane but gazing at this image I can very nearly feel the vibration of change like a train telegraphing its arrival along the rails.

Yes, we drift like worried fire but we hope and love and believe beauty will save the world.

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