Anastasia Cazabonpart of From the Secret World series (20??)

Artist Statement:

These images are based on my own childhood, specifically the transitional period between the ages of 9-15. This period of liminality, when girls are on the threshold of womanhood, can be one of the most defining and vital stages in a woman’s life. In this stage of life, young women become acutely aware of the world around them and how they are portrayed within the world; physical appearance is suddenly pushed into the spotlight and with that comes insecurity, excitement, jealousy and narcissism.

Relationships with other girls are also critical and these friendships are often fleeting yet intense; feelings of love, envy and rivalry pervade adolescent female companionship. These friendships are also marked by polar swings of emotion – one day encompassing cruelty and the next kindness.

These images revolve around the secret, yet everyday lives of adolescent girls. The power of this transformative time is characterized by the struggle to reconcile one’s girlhood while moving into womanhood – an experience that elicits strong feelings of both fear and longing.

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