Claire MilbrathGroin Gazing (2014)

There’s room to quibble about the technique–the overexposure/offsetting contributes fuck all to the work; mostly though, this is an intriguingly simply experiment in subverting the assumption of a male gendered gaze.

Without equivocation: more work like this is desperately needed.

Unfortunately and this cannot remain unsaid: Vice Magazine is astonishingly reprehensible.

I am not usually one to moralize. Hell, I believe morality is at best entirely arbitrary in determination. The issue I have with Vice is their sanctimony. They routinely court controversy–not a bad thing in and of itself. But regardless of whether they’re publishing fashion editorials featuring female writers who killed themselves, profiting off journalism featuring wobbly (at best) ethics or continuing to employ fabulously untalented sexual predators like Terry Richardson, they dismiss criticisms–particularly allegations of exploitation–with a sanctimonious don’t-blame-us-for-being-clear-eyed-enough-to-show-you-the-truth.

Yes, there will always be a need for journalist who brave outrage and condemnation to bring truth into the world. All too often Vice mistakes its gleefully transgressive raison d’être for integrity. And it causes them to come off exactly like a fuckwitted privileged straight white male hipster who cracks a racist joke to prove how post-racially aware he is and then can’t understand how anyone could ever think he is a fucking racist piece of shit.

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