Michaela KnížováUntitled (2008)

Besides hypnotic, I have zero clue what these images are.

The rectangular shape with the clipped edges in the frames appears to be an x-ray.

It’s less noticeable in the lower two images than the top where there appears to be a skeletal formation suggestive of a spinal column, laterally viewed.

There’s another image: some sort of samurai armor or a barrel.

The presentation suggests several layers of negatives/transparencies sandwiched to create an photographic print. (Alternative, you could print on transparencies and shoot on a light box–which is closer to the look this gives but the quality lacks the sort of wavering sharpness one would expect to see.)

Usually, I am less than impressed with this mode of image making. But this is exquisite.

And the degree of it’s exquisiteness is driving me more than a little bit nuts. There is like nothing about Knížová beyond her citing the formative influence of Joel-Peter Witkin on her work and her current enrollment in with the The Department of Fine Arts and Inter-Media in Košice, Slovakia.

Whoever she is, she is a freaking bad ass who deserves wider recognition.

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