Rant in Cmin

Has anyone else noticed a goddamn substantial drop off in the quality of Google Image Search results in the last six (6) weeks or so?

Granted my predisposition for posting off shit probably skews my results but lately it takes three times as long for not even half the payoff.

And with src img apparently busted by the most recent Firefox update. Sourcing shit is a right royal pain in the arse.

I know, I know, I’m whining. (Something I make–at least in this forum–a supreme effort not to.) But it is bloody frustrating as fuck to spend as much as hour sourcing something only to fail and on top of that muster the necessary energy to cobble together a post.

And another thing: everyone needs to FUCKING QUIT IT with the dragging source files into Photoshop, desaturating and maybe flipping them before posting them as OC. I am up to here with that bullshit–it’s like Jesus Harold and Maude fucking Christ on Christmas, as if finding good B&W erotica wasn’t already looking for a needle in a haystack; you do the work now for little more than the satisfaction of finding out the original was a sloppy ass color image made by some staggeringly inept fuckwit…

I am being impossible and cantankerous. I’ll shut up now…

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding. Y’all are all the fucking loveliest lovelies ever.

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