Source: Unknown

First thing I notice the yellow top.

The second thing I notice is the hair of the young woman in that yellow top. I think she’s v. cute. (As an aside, if I thought for a second I could rock hair clips like that, I would totally steal her style.)

Third, I notice the strategic use of color. Against the offset/bleach effect skin tone palate, the aforementioned yellow top, matching lipstick (nice touch) and the triangulated repetition of BIV spectrum tones–biggest hair clip, eye shadow and scrunchie–all stand out.

It’s definitely some #skinnyframebullshit; but so far it’s 3 points in favor, one against.

Now, to say ‘I have hang ups w/r/t oral sex’ would be an even money contender for the prestigious Understatement of the Year™ award.

These hang ups extend–quite naturally–to depictions of oral sex.

And not just to depictions of oral sex but depictions of sex in general. There’s the simple fact that fucking vs fucking so as to provide maximal visibility to a third party feature all but mutually exclusive concerns.

The truth is I am less concerned with what I see than how it is shown to me.

And I don’t think it’s just me, i.e. a snooty, artsy-fartsy (how I loathe that term and those who use it) snob who only likes B&W films with Russian subtitles that fewer than five people have seen.

Communication/checking in with your partner is just OMFG so fucking hot–a shy does that feel good? or an imploring do you like it when I [insert action]? go a long, long way. Especially considering the typical porn trope involving first time encounters.

But it would also be great if oral sex was treated as it’s own distinct sex act–instead of a preliminary ahead (sorrynotsorry) of the main event. For example: just once I would love to see a cishet boy ejaculate prematurely and after catching his breath, shift his focus to using his fingers, tongue and/or staying erect to attend to his partner’s pleasure.

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