Amy Montali – [1] In the Garden (2004); [2] History (20XX); [3] Souvenir (2009); [4] September (2007); [5] Stain (20XX); [6] Holiday (20XX)

I’m sitting in a cramped little vestibule-like area that opens off my shitty basement apartment into a claustrophobic backyard sobbing my stupid eyes out.

You know those moments: when warm light touches the world just right; and the perfume of spring lingers in the breeze; or, the players on the stage play their music as if muddy horns and staggering joy were the only magic anyone ever needed, when words or subtle turn of phrase makes the truth of the song, a chorus you can’t help but sing and in singing it, singing as if singing were the only one that might maybe save this sick and dying world.

I exist for such moments. And people always fault me, tell me my expectations are unrealistic, that I am asking too much.

But then, then I stumble upon beauty like this. Work that shows me the world I already see, proving that someone else sees it too, sees hope and beauty and love and so, so much more joy than all the words ever spoken could circumscribe. And it is all so terrifyingly easy to overlook…

In those moments, I always know I ask for too little; I should ask for more.

Amy Montali is everything.


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