Bienvenido Cruz2.7323 (2014)

Have you seen Cruz’s Hell Is Other People 2 series yet?!?!! It’s so v. very fucking fabulous.

In fact, it’s so fucking fabulous that I’m forsaking the rule where I never post more than one .gif for every ten still images to post this.

The ramped grade along the back drop, tonal separation between the edge of the table and the wall and Ms. Damage’s pose/expression are pitch perfect.

The drumming fingers contribute unexpected movement while hinting at a sense of frustration but there’s something whimsical, perhaps even playful about the movement in such a stark image.

I don’t want to date myself–but hey, no one else appears interested so I suppose I might as well: this image reminds me of that Far Side where a guy sitting at a table is juggling several rubber balls with his left hand; covertly, his right hand scrawls on a sheet of paper: Tonight I strike…Death to the Left Hand! Death! Death! Death! The accompanying caption reads: Innocent and carefree, Stuart’s left hand didn’t know what the right was doing.

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