Haejung LeeInevitable (2014)

I’m hesitant to start off by pointing out the degree to which Lee’s work seems preoccupied with violence. But it’s hard to miss the implicit decapitation/dismemberment, tattered tissue– ripped, sometimes stretched taut, caught in sinewy webs.

The work is about violence but it is not violent. It is interested in sex; but it remains asexual.

I keep wanting to say it’s ’primordial’; Yet, with how that’s all tied up in time, it doesn’t fit. What I want is the taste of a roiling swamp I get when the word slides along my tongue along with something dissipative, corrosive.

I am making it sound ugly and harsh–trying to talk about visionary art is not unlike attempting to disembowel oneself with a crayon–and doing so misses a point: once one has lain with Chaos, you are hers alone. Her whispers make sense in the moment, befuddle and madden in hindsight.

Lee is truly audacious in her resisting consistent definition of boundaries and her openness to letting sense and logic remain at odds.

Spectacular and important work.

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