X-ArtSex and Submission feat. Teal & The Red Fox (2014)

I run–ostensibly–a sex blog. Porn flits across my dash on the daily. Surprisingly, in the two years I’ve maintained this site I’ve found myself seeking out pornographic content less and less frequently.

Recently, I did go rather out of my way to check out two videos–the above [based on the intriguingly atypical way the money shot is handled, i.e. not in close-up/ not involving a(n intentional) facial and the way the stud doesn’t disengage just because he’s come] and Courtney Trouble’s indiequeer Fucking Mystic [based on the glowing recommendation from a genderqueer acquaintance].

Viewing both in the same week, there’s definitely an added push to compare and contrast. The first thing I feel should be noted is the above is not only the highlight of the X-Art video, it’s the only thing you need to see of it. Despite high production values–horizontal tracking shots, holla–everything remains paint-by-numbers pro forma porn.

Alternately, if you can squint passed the paper thin ‘plot,’ Fucking Mystic is hands-down-your-pants haute–even if it does suffer exstensively from a questionable-to-downright-shite production values–wild tracks and tripods, yo; learn them, live them, love them–and despite it’s amazing anything goes approach to sexuality, it ends up turning a little pro forma (anal penetration) itself. [A justification along the lines of it’s a queer critique of mainstream porn holds a few ounces of water at most.]

It all leaves me wondering, why high production values and real-ish depictions of non-exclusively heteronormative content can’t sit side by side more often.

I know the adage be the change you want to see in the world. And truth be told, I confess that I am very interested in the prospect of directing a (singular) porn movie. Unfortunately, I have zero idea how to go about it.

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