What is your take on the new British law banning some porn acts? Are you worried as a cam model?


What kind of a world do we live in where I can’t get home from a long day at the office and relax with a glass of wine while watching one person consensually inserting their fist into another person and then drinking the subsequent ejaculate? THAT’S NOT THE BRITAIN I KNOW AND LOVE sometimes think is ok

(in all seriousness, yes, it really really sucks. It hits the independent, niche companies and content producers the hardest and gives more market monopoly to the old traditional porn establishment. It strangles the most creative, experimental and ground breaking content making the only porn “safe” to produce in the UK, the same boring, repetitive, male-centered stuff we’ve been putting up for forever)

here’s a clear legal breakdown of the change in regulations

here’s why they are sexist

here’s a good summary

here’s where you can donate/support an organisation fighting it

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