Tanya DakinHoney feat. Kelsey Dylan (2014)

A week ago yesterday, Tanya Dakin celebrated her 44th birthday.

I first noticed Ms. Dakin’s through her frequent collaborations with the staggeringly talented henrygaudier. I learned she is:

  • a Philadelphia based model/photographer/provacateur;
  • writing a book about her vagina;
  • she [used to] share explicit photos depicting her DD/lg relationship;
  • and she has the most beautiful ink I’ve seen anywhere ever.

Needless to say she had my respect and my attention and she really doesn’t disappoint. Her modeling work constantly pushes the envelope at the same time as any number of psycho-sexual buttons. Thus, I’ve always suspected her of level 9000 badassery skills.

In the last week she’s proven–with the above image as well as her on-point and thoroughly refreshing dismantling of meddlesome anon commentary–that my suspicions were far too modest.

I don’t necessarily understand the framing decisions. (In a strange inversion of the norm, I think the vertical frames work better than the horizontal ones…but there is at least an intrinsic functionality to the framing–whether or not I think it necessarily makes sense: in every frame the force of nature that is Kelsey Dylan is the unquestioned focal point of the image. (And as far as creative decisions go, that is one that will rarely–if ever–lead an artist astray.)

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