Sebastién GherrëFeña (2011)

If I have a weakness when it comes to image making, it’s audacity. Show me an image with the same couldn’t-give-a-fuck-less single-mindedness seen in that iconic image of Johnny Cash and I’ll be happier than a pig in shit.

The stumbling block with audacity is not unlike the problem with punk rock–the feral burst of righteous fury is usually usually at it’s best when it’s both absent discipline and especially clever.

Thing is: making good art requires at least some concerted discipline and cleverness is all too often willing to rest on its laurels which in turn predisposes cleverness to providing the impetus for a lot of bad art. [Consider a spectrum from clever (Andres Serrano) to smart-feigning cleverness (Arvida Byström) to smart (Laurence Philomene).]

With the above image, I adore the underlying idea: lotion as lube as foreshadowing of masturbatory ejaculation. Unfortunately, the execution–context eliminating close-up, unmotivated middle-of-the-road strobe and soft focus–is just fucking sloppy; detracting–woefully–from an otherwise promising image.

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