Tangolarina241 – She the angel of small death (2014)

In spite of its compositional shortcomings–i.e. it favors the reflection slightly and the towel and chair distract from the focus on the image. (The ideal means of rectifying this would have been to move the camera back so that the grey tile strip would line up with the upper horizontal third and the body and the reflection of the body would be identical; however, as there’s already some barrel distortion, I’d be this was a zoom lens at it’s widest possible setting; and this being a bathroom, there probably wasn’t to push the camera further back. In which case, lowering it and reframing to balance her and her reflection would have made for a stronger image.)

Still: to be honest–I think this has more inherent potential than most of the work I post with qualified advocacy for elements of the work instead of the work as a whole. It’s partly the sly way it’s exists as both a self-portrait and a depiction of masturbation–that is simultaneously both and neither; and partly the ambiguity in performance serves as a sort of safety net for the fact that regardless of mastery of craft, Tangolarina’s Flickr photostream centers around this same rare willingness to be open and vulnerable in a world where we are not only told to shield ourselves, we are daily given thousands of reminders about what the world will do to those who ignore such admonitions.

Beautiful and brave work.

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