Claudine DouryLola #2, Tachkent, UZ (2002)

I’m completely head-over-fucking-heels for Doury’s oeurve. She takes the best facets of other renowned image makers (Among them: Nan Goldin,
Sebastião Salgado and Monika Bulaj) and integrates them in a holistic, meditative and frequently hypnotic gaze.

But, someone might astutely inquire, why post them here–there’s no nudity, nothing erotic or seemingly transgressive?

I don’t agree. And the trouble is I don’t know exactly how to fit it to words. I guess it’s not unlike the flashes of awareness that begin as kids approach puberty–those moments of razor sharp awareness that darken faces and features–a febrile yearning for the i’ll know it when I see it future and a palpable fear of one by one putting away those childish things and following blossoming desire like some goddamned pied piper.

Doury’s images radiate with a willingness to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in such a space of betweenness–recognizing and giving thanks for the sacredness of being seen truthfully and without external projection in the one ephemeral and unending moment.

Exquisite to the exponent of transcendent.

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