Source unknown – Title Unknown (201X)

Giving or receiving assplay of any sort is not exactly my cup of tea. But on a limited experimental level I’m down for just about anything except anilingus.

I do have a teensy fetish for pegging imagery. Less for the act depicted and more for the inherent gender-fuckery and while the power/control vs submission of BDSM tends to be a huge turn off for me, there’s a sense of being completely at someone else’s mercy that appeals to me.

In the case of this clip, I love that his touching and she’s caressing him. The smirk on her face as she thrusts suddenly and then savors his response is exquisite.

The same expression also makes me inconsolably sad. The only sexual pleasure I’ve experienced for just shy of the last six years has been self-driven. And one of the primary differences between masturbation and sexual intercourse, is that with the former there’s inevitably a point beyond which one cannot advance–not unlike the impossibility of self-tickling; but with (a) sexual partner(s), boundaries tend to stretch until they shatter completely.

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