Eric PhillipsUntitled (2010)

As far as motifs go, decontextualized bodies in tinted bath water will forever remind me of Chloe Killip’s utterly breathtaking, Besher-esque typologies.

This image hails from a series called Washable Sins and three or four of the images wouldn’t have appeared out of place in Killip’s project–which is (I assure you) to pay Phillips’ work quite the compliment.

However, as much as I like this image–it’s a sterling example of how a dick pic can be classy in execution–my immediate association sends me in rather a different direction than Washable Sins; and if I’m honest, unfortunately, the sort of glossy homoeroticism Phillips work insists upon is neither as interesting or edifying as Killip’s precocious presentation.

(Also, if I’d only seen this image I’d be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt w/r/t whether or not it qualifies as #skinnyframebullshit; having seen the rest of the project, Phillips is a profligate skinnyframebullshiter.)

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