Molly SteeleNaked, happy, and muddy (2015)

As much as I freaking adore vivid, super saturated color work (William Eggleston pretty much being the progenitor), my own personal aesthetic preference involves work like this that thoughtfully presents a broad spectrum of two or three different complimentary colors.

Note: with this how the grass and lichen runs from green to brown and how given the hint of blue-green in the water, serves to make the skin tone positively pop out of the frame. Other than that there’s not a lot of color to speak of but with regard to brown and green there is a vast spectrum on display with this.

I also love that it’s raining. I’m always so paranoid about damage to my gear that any time it’s raining like this, I stow everything. I maybe need to figure out a way to make my gear at least vague water resistent.

Also, as someone who skinny dipping is in the top ten items on my bucket list, this image captures exact what I envision as the concept underlying the term.

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