Milan Vukmirovic – Marlon Teixeira for Made in Brazil (2015)

I feel like this is almost certainly at least subconsciously referencing Jeff Wall’s Milk–the color of the car in this matches is only a smidgen darker than the bricks and both include areas that are at least two stops below the minimum threshold for shadow detail.

The above lacks Milk’s rigorous form and restraint; however, I’m not here to discredit Vukmirovic. For what this is: it’s ingenious. Wall would’ve been shooting on a tripod. If you check the reflection in the chrome bumper you can see that the image maker is laying on his back on the asphalt to take the picture. And if you look closely, you’ll note that there’s roughly a five degree axial tilt that’s off from the horizon line. It emphasizes the overtly sexual nature of the pose.

The cloud perfectly haloing his head is inspired and was probably a happy accident. Still, short of the other car that you can just make out in the lower right edge of frame, this is an awesome image. That chooses two colors (blue and brown) and presents a dynamic spectrum within that scope.

Also, pro-tip: if it’s clean and you nail your 18% grey exposure, chrome looks fucking killer in color. Although if you are shooting B&W analog, you want to swear you can see your reflection now in the present moment showing up in the negs.

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