My heart–to the extent I possess such a silly thing–goes out to those in
Paris. Luckily the two folks I know there are safe.

In the same breath: while I refuse to lose sight of the
tragedy/trauma, I’m apprehensive about the fallout for Muslims and
refugees. After attacks such as these, there’s almost
always a spike in violence against innocents because of perceived ethnicity/religious affiliations.

Please bear in mind that terrorists who walk into night
clubs wearing explosive vests and firing automatic weapons into crowds
of bystanders represent Islam only insofar as Xtians who murder abortion
providers represent Xtianity.

The problem IS NOT religion; it’s
the politicization of religion. Thus, to all the assholes seeking to
make Islamaphobic hay of yesterdays events (Bill Maher, various right wing fuck wits), you are just as bad/guilty as ISIL–if not worse because you are playing at the same reprehensible game.

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