Helix Studios – Tailgate Fuck (2012)

Don’t get me wrong this is not a good image and there’s nothing noteworthy about this scene from which it appears to be a production still.

However, it does tie in with a preoccupation of mine: depicting sexuality in fine art.

I’m convinced its possible to create something that is indisputably Capital A Art but that also features pornographic content. I certainly don’t suggest that to do so is at all easy or uncomplicated.

A more reliable (and perhaps less artful) approach seems to be to use the notion of less is more as a starting point and designing explicit elements so the function through implication.

This is an excellent example of the second directive. It is abundantly clear what’s going on, but–strictly speaking–there’s nothing especially explicit about the presentation. In other words, what you see serves as a guide to what remains unseen, instead of presenting the unobstructed and completely unambiguous scene.

Plus, I’m always down for imagery that places actions that typical occur privately in ostensibly public places.

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