Source unknown – Title Unknown (20XX)

With this there needs to be a few slaps on the wrists for rookie mistakes.

For example: It’s clear the horizontal level was set using the bottom of the couch. One problem, the back of the couch isn’t flush against the wall and as such the frame on the picture is askew.

Also: the way her right leg gets cut off at the ankle is sloppy because it looks awkward and it distracts from the lovely angle of his splayed legs.

Lastly, it’s way overexposed. The visible grain suggests a high ISO. Pretty sure this was digital and the image maker was using the histogram to judge exposure. (This is one of those instances where unless you’re shooting RAW, you really super need to decide whether you want the emphasis on shadow detail or highlight detail before you trip the shutter.)

Although it needs to be made clear this does far more right than wrong. The curtains, hanging picture, phone, lamp and carpet all clearly convey the context that the setting is a hotel room.

Despite the problems with framing the composition is cinematic. The way the boys body is slightly turned towards his lover presents enough of a question as to whether or not this is poised specifically for the camera in order to allow a suspension of disbelief that one is viewing a staged scene.

I love the way he’s gingerly holding himself–as if he’s just orgasmed or has just edged and is doing everything he can to hold back. And his flushed face is incredibly appealing to me.

But the two things that make me love this are the way she’s holding him. As someone who grew up in an extremely abusive environment where I was constantly having to navigate and interrogate complicated power dynamics, I don’t understand D/s interactions.

However, I do appreciate the sort of give and take that develops with a partner where they can say without words: you are mine, I have you and you are safe, you can completely surrender control to me.

Plus, I am always going to dig imagery that subverts the art historical male gaze by presenting men as naked and vulnerable while women remain clothed and empowered while still remaining very much sexually engaged.

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