Passion-HDA Big Gamble feat. Ariana Marie and Lily Love (2013)

I don’t recommend wasting your time viewing this since the above is the only moment of merit during the approximately 35 minute run time.

On the one hand, that truth saddens me. Judging by just this .gif it’s easy to think it’s an edgy/experimental threesome.

I like how in the gif, the woman on top dismounts–ostensibly to include the other woman. And it looks like the stud continues to self-stimulate.

But I guess it’s naive of me to think so-called creampies in porn are somehow less heterotypical because of there erstwhile status as a niche genre. After all, creampies functioned as a punchline for one of last season’s episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Really, the way the scene plays out makes the technical standards of your run of the mill daytime soap opera seem visionary by comparison. Scenes that could’ve been looped–stretch out painfully with all parties looking boredly mechanized and/or moaning without a shred of conviction.

Still, I think this scene has potential. If the camera was scooted back several feet, or, even better: moved so that it includes a frame within the frame formed by her left side and his right side. With an incredible shallow depth of field you could rack focus between their two faces. Her with her eyes closed, face flushed; him watching her, mouth hanging slightly open.

She moans, his eyes flutter, head lulls back his lips tremble, muscles tense. She opens her eyes, a slightly smirk lining her lips as she watches him.

Focus on his face as he starts to come and then follow his spasming musculature down to his juices co-mingling with hers as she continues to ride him.

She pulls out and the stud continues to masturbate but focus shifts further down and we see several dollops of semen plummet into her friends open mouth; her friend begins to eat her out ravenously.

As his stroke slows, the woman on top continues to stimulate him while he writhes begging her to stop. Running her fingers through the semen on his abs, she reaches up and pushes them between his lips.

That would be so, so effing hot. But then I’m queer and it’s probably an unfair expectation to have such expectation of heterotypical porn.

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