The complete clusterfuck that are politics in my country continues unabated.

In an effort to curb FuckFace Von Clownstick’s momentum, Republicans have begun to grudgingly rally around the Zodiac Killer. One of the first to endorse him being the same senator who stated: If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, no one would convict you.

This endorsement is based on the craven (and completely inaccurate) assumption that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t (or whose actions are impossible to predict)..

Keep in mind that when asked if the stridently pro-life rhetoric from the right had any bearing w/r/t motivating the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter, Cruz famously tried to shift blame to the militant left. Subsequently, when it’s proven that the comments about the alleged shooters comments about ‘baby parts’ were factual–Ted is unwilling to address his and his ilk’s culpability in fomenting this tragedy.

But that’s not even the worst of it: never forget that Ted Cruz counts Iowa pastor Kevin Swanson–who has called for the extermination of gays–among his supporters. (Also, take it from someone who grew up in an extremely conservative Evangelical Xtian milieu where folks like Cruz are a dime a dozen: the man is pure evil.)

Further, the Republicans have started to blame Obama for creating a situation where they’re forced to choose someone like Cruz over Trump. There’s an essential reading piece over at Slate addressing how this is true but not in the way Republicans would like to think. (I’d add that it’s partly Fox News fault for their persistent airing of mistruths presented as infallible fact–because Trump can now incite his followers to violence and in the next news cycle claim her never said any such thing and even in the face of video evidence, he gets to maintain some sort of high ground with his acolytes.)

Not that things are all that much better on the Democratic side of things. The media (which has never given Bernie Sanders a fair shake) along with Obama are signalling that it’s time to get behind HRC.

A lot of liberal acquaintances take umbrage with my pointing this out but HRC is to Trump what Bud Light is to Budweiser. She’s a hawk who has sold her soul to protecting the entrenched privilege of the 1%. If that was all, she’d be in good company with the last X number of Democratic presidents. But it’s all more problematic than that. Take her response when confronted by a Black Lives Matter protester Ashley Williams in S.C. Consider how HRC defended a man accused of rape by saying that his underage victim asked for it and laughed about the crime on tape. (I have an especially difficult time with that last item in the light of all the white feminist who are ready to attribute any opposition to their candidate as misogyny.)

Not saying that Bernie is the perfect candidate either–although at least he’s talking about structural inequality and drawing attention to the fact that most of the folks who were shouting about how it was unpatriotic to criticize a sitting president during a time or war when it was Dubya in the office are the same ones accusing Obama of being an un-American muslim. And you know turning the mic over to Black Lives Matters protesters. Still, when asked point blank whether Trump is a racist, he waffles and bumbles just like HRC.

Enough about politics, let’s turn our attention to more topically relevant news.

Did you hear about the Brooklyn student suspended for reporting her rape to school administrators? Or the 48 transgender women killed in Brazil during January?

There’s more on my list but you’ll understand, I hope, that I just can’t anymore…

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