FTVGirlsTiny in Big Ways featuring Megan Rain (2015)

If someone were to tell me hey, there’s this clip where a girl uses an eggplant as a dildo, you’d be wise to bet on the fact that I’m going to find and view said video at my earliest available convenience.

What I would expect given the above description is a preoccupation with the extremity of the action and a tone that shifts mercurially between coy and so over-the-top with awkward enthusiasm that it’s vaguely uncomfortable.

That is exactly what you get from these production stills.

And while I can’t argue this is a good clip, there are some interesting elements to it. The action isn’t played directly toward the camera–and although it’s still hell of graphic, the graphicness seems more consequence than motivation.

The distinction seems important. Unlike the stills, this scene plays as if we’re getting to watch someone experimenting. The experiment isn’t necessarily for the viewer, it’s merely something the viewer is allowed to witness.

Also, it really appeals to me how obviously public this location is. And I feel like that ties into the effectiveness of this gif. After all, masturbating like this in such a public location renders ambiguous that line between the risk of being seen vs. actually being seen. In my mind, that heightens the sense of voyeurism and despite the close proximity of the camera to the action this framing allows for a suspension of disbelief as far as whether or not Ms. Rain is masturbating or pretending to masturbate for the benefit of the camera and subsequently the consumers of this content.

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