As a head’s up: things might be a wee bit sporadic here at Acetylene Eyes for the next fortnight or so.

There’s some boring work stuff (tying up loose ends with a long/involved systems transition that I’ve been in way over my head with since day one), some wonderful and simultaneously personally terrifying stuff (the day-to-day of my life will likely change drastically in the next six months) and I’ll be traveling over the upcoming extended weekend.

Over that weekend: I have at least one photographic collaboration scheduled; a second that’s still tentative but looks to be evolving towards a ‘definitely happening’ status. Both are going to be effing huge and I’m simultaneously thrilled, overwhelmed and anxious as fuck with regard to the implications. (There’s a certain safety in doing the work attentively but I want to embrace the risk of doing the work in a way that matters deeply to me.)

Also, on a more housekeeping related note: there’s been a recent influx of new followers. To each and every one of you: welcome!

Last, I really try not to do this frequently and it’s likely not the best time for repetition but I spend approximately 25 hours a week on this blog. Not complaining AT ALL. But a constant source of stress for me is knowing how much better this project could be were I able to dedicate more time to it. (I stupidly daydream about maybe one day figuring out a way to make this sort of thing my day job). Anyway, if you want to help out, maybe consider supporting this project via Patreon.

For realz, if a quarter of my followers donated $5/month, this could almost be my day job. So if you get something you deem worthwhile here, please consider donating.

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