[↑] Source unknown – Title Unknown (201X); [↓] Source unknown – Title Unknown (201X)

As much as I’m utterly fascinated by depictions of ejaculation, I’m really super not into facials.

I’ve already written about this once before–and while it was from way back when I was a baby blogger: my opinion hasn’t really changed.

These two posts are not really an exception that proves the rule so much as a proof of concept that whether or not I dig facials, they can be depicted in at least a somewhat artful fashion.

In the top .gif there’s a focus on palate–namely, a monochromatic scale from a pale through peach skin-tone, to the shadowed masturbating hand to the burnt umber background. (I do worry here because it looks like the stud probably jizzed in the woman’s eye–and seriously getting semen in your eye is an awful experience.)

In the lower .gif, the staging from left to right, uses the natural motion of the eye’s tendency to instinctive scan left to right actually adds to the dynamism of the trajectory. I love that her hands are covering his and that she appears rapturously in the moment.

I also really love how if you look in the background you can see his hand open and pull back, as if he’s a magician conjuring a magic trick.

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