Snowy morning. With @suspendedinlight: Montreal / Polaroid Spectra Pro / Impossible

Shot with my soul sis yesterday

Photominimal appreciation post: if there were a greatest hits of my portfolio, a great number of them would be authored by this one here. We met in 2014 and immediately became regular collaborators. During this time, he mentored me as a photographer and enthusiastically supported me in my artistic growth. We studied Poetics of Space together while creating our book Fluent Dream

He has very recently launched a Patreon campaign with the simple wish of continuing to purchase his favourite types of film. Please consider supporting this artist, lord knows he’s been generous. 

I don’t usually plug other Tumblrs but ya’ll, fer rull @suspendedinlight is just effing INCREDIBLE: whip smart, with excellent photo instincts, an accomplished model and a jaw-droppingly talented musician. (She gave me a list of musical recommendations that has reduced me to a sobbing mess–in the best imaginable way.)

Also, she is beyond correct: her work with @photominimal is FUCKING EXTRAORDINARY. You would do well to dig deeply into eithers’ back catalog–you will be enormously rewarded for your time, I promise.

And maybe think about supporting their continued creative endeavors through their respective Patreons. (Photominimal’s linked above; Lyndsie’s here.)

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