Aimery J. JoësselHolly Waterfall (2015)

Aspects of this are wonderful: the visible band and twisted straps of Holly’s bra, water droplets dotting her skin and the way her right hand is splayed against the rocks behind the falling water.

Overall, it’s underexposed–but given the motion blur of the water this was probably the slowest shutter speed Joëssel could use handheld–which suggests the underexposure was due to an overall lack of light instead of sloppy metering.

Personally, I would’ve preferred the contrast between the porous texture of the rocks vs the smooth compliment of water droplets against skin. But the picture suggests that it was not a situation where both were technically achievable.

I don’t think much of the rest of his work, honestly–but there is something to be said for identifying (correctly) and pursuing the better of two less than pristine options in a difficult setting.

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