Genesis Breyer P-OrridgeTitle unknown (19XX)

As far as outsider art goes, it’s very difficult out outre P-Orridge.

I am hardly an expert on their (they identify as third gender and use them/their pronouns) life and work.

What I know is that if you haven’t you should absolutely know Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats. (I can’t stomach much else TG did & Psychic TV totters on the brink of intolerable.)

All that being said: they were hugely influential to artists who have had a lasting impact on me.

I am not familiar enough with all the ins and outs of their life to really comment with any kind of definite hot take. They were impossibly controversial–in word, deed and thought.

At present they are being treated for Leukemia–it’s not looking good the last I heard. (Cancer fucking sucks.) If their work meant anything to you, you might want to consider support their GoFundMe for treatment. (How in the fuck did we get to this place in history where people have to crowd source their medical treatment…)

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