Jane ChardietPharmakon’s Contact album cover art (2017)

The most successful photos–at least for me–are ones that inspire questions which photo refuses to answer.

Before seeing this, I had no idea who/what Pharmakon was. As it turns out it’s Margaret Chardiet’s NYC based harsh noise act. (I have heard of Chardiet’s Red Light District art collective, however.)

Margaret is the face in the middle of a sea of hands above.

The photo was taken by her sister Jane. In fact, all the Pharmakon albums feature Jane’s cover art. (I dig them all but Abandon is beyond exceptional.)

I am not sure I’ve ever divulged this before on here but music may be the single most important aspect in my life. I’ve gotten higher off music than I have off of any drug I’ve ever taken–and I’ve done a goddamn fucking shit tonne of drugs.

Of course, I popped over to Pharmakon’s Bandcamp page. (Cannabis edibles and Bandcamp are respectively first and second as far as things that have demonstrably improved my life.)

Contact is reminiscent of a lot of the uniformly exceptional work The Body has been releasing.  (It’s also similar in concept to one of last year’s best metal offerings: Ragana’s You Take Nothing.)

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