insidefleshartificial pleasure (2018)

At present, my brain is a hectic, swirling mass of chaos–my first semester as a graduate art student is spinning up and I’m not as lucid as I would prefer. (As a result: things with this project will be fairly scattered for a couple of weeks–thank you all so much for bearing with me.)

I don’t have a clear piece to offer you about this image. I mean: I freaking love it. But as I’m looking at it trying to figure out what about it I want to point to as being the thing or things that draw me to it–it’s the usual: a simple, straight-forward conceit, executed in a matter-of-fact fashion; also, I both wish it was an image I made; or, even better: I wish it was an image of myself.

Looking at it the only place my brain keeps returning is to a point a member of the sculpture faculty made about how he feels that one of the biggest hang-ups contemporary artists have with struggling to fit their concept within a particular form–when the concept would become for less complicated if it were perhaps applied to a more complimentary form.

His point was that there’s a natural tendency to play to our strengths as creative folks. But there are times when our ideas will be expressed more clearly in a form with which we are perhaps not so well versed.

And I think the inverse of that notion applies to insideflesh–I would be very hard pressed to point to work with a better synergy between concept and execution (form, aesthetic, tone, resonance of meaning).

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