The Future (Cont’d)

First–I want to thank everyone who has reached out about how much this project has meant to them. (I’ve only not responded because I am in the midst of finals and am only just barely keeping my head above water with school stuff.)

Second–I have exported all my data from this project. Both via Tumblr and someone I got to know through here was a real mensch and sent me an external (what I presume is a python web archive). So everything prior to the announcement last week is backed up.

Third–I am going to port to another platform. I’m not sure which one just yet. (Of those who have reached out it seems most folks I’ve actually interacted semi-regularly seem to be favoring Ello, most of the smut blogs seem to be favoring Pillowfort–unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to onboard there until after the 17th, due to their setup protocol.)

The 500 character limit with Mastodon is a non-starter for me–though they would be my first choice without it.

The other sites people keep mentioning I’m hearing super problematic things about.

Fourth–at this point my goal is to keep this project open and public. Unfortunately, my content mining strategy is entirely based upon Tumblr’s functionality (the chronological dashboard and the base of folks I follow have made this possible) Without it, the already tremendous amount of work that goes into this project grows exponentially.

Suffice it to say: I’m not ready to be done with this project but after the 17th everything is unknown and even with ideal circumstances things are likely going to be sporadic and messy for the foreseeable future.

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