SangoUntitled (2018)

I’m not sure I have much to add as far as commentary on this: except to say that every single damn time I see it my tummy does a backflip and I get impossibly wet.

On second thought: I really like how things start off full rendered and then slowly drift towards increasingly rough sketches. This gives the scene a sense of insistent immediacy; it also underscores the way that the positioning and gesture of the hands anchor the compositions and erogenous zones are emphasized with heavier lines that not only entice the eye but suggest an inviolable boundary between bodies–in turn enhancing the transgressive nature of what’s depicted with an even more compelling allure.

I also really dig the minimal use of color to add not only a sense of lividity but also to make the expressions more concrete.

Also, this works whether or not you know that it’s apparently illustrated Supergirl erotic fanfic.

MormongirlzAn Orgasm for Each Sister Wife (2016)

Karley Sciortino (the editor of Slutever) did a report for Vice back in early 2017 juxtaposing Utah’s efforts to ban pornography as a public health menace with the lapsed LDS woman who started Mormongirlz.

At it’s best, Vice is indispensable. However, it’s only at it’s best maybe 15% of the time. The only thing that really stood out about it to me was the attention to authentic detail during Mormongirlz production. There appeared to be a real effort exerted to make something that was both recognizably fluent in Mormon culture and code but that uses this knowledge to subvert sex-negative stigmas.

That should’ve motivated me to check them out sooner but I haven’t. Then I saw this slide by on my feed.

Full disclosure: I‘m not completely on board with everything presented here. As someone who is a survivor of both sexual assault and intimate partner violence, the absence of continual, verbally affirmative consent is a baseline requirement for me.

That being said: as a switch who is a little bit more bottom leaning, I’ve had fantastic sex as a result of having a partner take what they want from me without asking first. (I really, really have been feeling a strong need of late to have a lesbian push me up against a wall, grab my tits hard enough to leave bruises, shove her tongue down my throat and then hold me against the wall by my neck while she uses her free hand to get me off multiple times.)

Yet, with porn, I do think there is a responsibility to convey the importance of asking for a receiving consent at all times. The way this starts makes me very uncomfortable. I’m sure it’s fine that it starts off seeming non-consensual and then the coercion transforms into a willingness to participate. But in the absence of any signifiers of respecting consent, it just follows that a little coercion is fine as long as it becomes consenting at some point.

I’m not cool with that.

Still, this gets the fashions of not just Mormonism but also fits with my understanding of Xtian fundamentalists. The confluence of repressive religious symbology with experimental sexual exploration is something that I can’t tell you whether it’s hot because it’s transgressive or if it’s transgressive because it’s something I find so damn hot.

The other thing I like about it is that although it’s definitely produced to cater to the male gaze, there are wonderful moments that aren’t male gaze-y (the glee with which the woman with the red hair is told to turn over and the way she gleefully complies, the scene later in the scene where the woman with the black hair is kneeling on the floor and we see her making eye contact with the redhead whom she’s going down on and the way there’s a focus on stopping to kiss before switching who gives and who receives–personally, one of my favorite things about sex is kissing after all the parties have come and the way you can taste a mix of your own fluids and your partners fluids on lips and tongues is one of my favorite human experiences; and I don’t really like the way I taste that much but I’ll not waste a single drop when I’m with someone else.)

I don’t think it’s artful or even especially high quality as far as production facets go but I’ve gotten myself off to this video 7 times in the last 36 hours and that is likely going to become 8 as soon as I save this draft to my queue.

VinZSwan Lake {Vienna, Austria} (2012)

I dig this mural a lot and all but that’s the secondary consideration as to why I’m posting it.

I posted this image to my Facebook timeline as part of a semi-regular “Today’s gender” series of micro curation. Facebook suspended my account because they said I was in violation of their policies for posting sexual explicit material.

I demanded that they review the decision and the standards team agreed that I had violated their Terms and Conditions by posting the image. (I knew it was a risque image but I regularly post things that I think are far more edgy than this but somehow three women with swan heads in a tub overflowing with a fetid fluid is a bridge too far…

MetArtTitle unknown {remixed} (200X)

Here’s the original iteration of the above image:

The earliest search engine cached version of the image I found is from late 2007–specifically: a Flickr user named K. Pharran. (Looking through the 32 images in that account suggests the owner was posting other people’s work and presenting it as his own. The variance in style between the images is far too disparate to be from a single source.)

Several hits in the Google search came back with mentions of MetArt and the fact that there is such a hi-res version of the image still floating around out there in correlation with the earliest posting does a good bit of suggestion that they’re likely the source.

What I wanted to point out is that the fact that there is a hi res version of the image available means that there’s a lot more room available as far as color correction. (The original would’ve likely been considered artfully moody in the mid-aughts but in the late 10s, our expectations regarding what pictures made underwater look like, the remix is demonstrable clearer, more legible and captivating image.)

[↖] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↗] Lucas Entertainment – Wall Street feat. Ben Andrews & Rafael Alencar (2009); [↑] Cocky BoysDillon & Max Go Fishin’ {desaturated} (2012); [←] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [→] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↓] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [<] Vixen.comBad Girl feat. Cadey Mercury & Xander Corvus {desaturated} (2017); [>] PornProsWet Toy Slut feat. Kelly Diamond (2014); [↙] Hustler – Casey Young and Tiffany Taylor (2008); [↘] Source unknown – Title unknown {desaturated} (201X)

Juxtaposition as commentary

[↖] Jean-Baptiste HuongUntitled (201X); [↗] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↑] Source unknown – Title unknown feat. Victoria Daniels (201X); [←] @graveyrdslutTitle unknown (2017); [→] Source unknown – Title unknown (2013); [+] Erika LustXConfessions Vol. 4: A Talk Too Dirty feat. Poppy Cox & Dean Van Damme (2015); [↙] Abby WintersTitle unknown (2005); [↘] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↓] Fabio BaroliSujeito da Transgressão #4 (2011)

Follow the thread.

Thy Tran – [↖] Untitled from Cacher series (2016); [↗] Untitled from Cacher series (2016) ; [↙] Untitled from Cacher series (2016); [↘] Untitled from Cacher series (2016)

When I saw Tran’s work, my first thought was: wow, there’s A LOT of overlap with Kim-Ngân Ao (aka yatender). Both filter elements from Lina Scheynius and Ren Hang through a stubbornly lo-fi analog aesthetic.

However, after sitting here suffering from that oft reported feeling in police procedurals where the unorthodox detective feels like she’s missing a piece of the puzzle that’s right there staring her in the face, I figured it out: Tran and Ao almost certainly know each other.

Consider: this self-portrait from Tran’s Flickr account and this photo made by yatender–the tattoos are the same.

Initially, my thought was that I favored yatender’s work but I’m not so sure that’s the case any longer. Yes, both are working in very similar veins but I think yatender is more audacious in the risks she takes as well as being decidedly on the take photos vs make photos end of the spectrum; Tran is more reserved and contemplative as well as being decidedly on the making end of the aforementioned spectrum.

Also, being that Tran’s Cacher series is focused on interrogating her identity as a lesbian and the visibility vs invisibility that comes part and parcel with that–her work resonates more with me as a fellow queer person.