SangoUntitled (2018)

I’m not sure I have much to add as far as commentary on this: except to say that every single damn time I see it my tummy does a backflip and I get impossibly wet.

On second thought: I really like how things start off full rendered and then slowly drift towards increasingly rough sketches. This gives the scene a sense of insistent immediacy; it also underscores the way that the positioning and gesture of the hands anchor the compositions and erogenous zones are emphasized with heavier lines that not only entice the eye but suggest an inviolable boundary between bodies–in turn enhancing the transgressive nature of what’s depicted with an even more compelling allure.

I also really dig the minimal use of color to add not only a sense of lividity but also to make the expressions more concrete.

Also, this works whether or not you know that it’s apparently illustrated Supergirl erotic fanfic.

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