Housekeeping notes

After several weeks of cobbling together daily posts at the 11th hour, there’s a short queue running again. Hoping to keep it that way through the summer–knock on wood.

Further: you all were very patient with me while I was agonizing over my applications to 3 MFA programs. I have news on that front I wanted to share: I was rejected by one program (way to be great big ol’ bag of dicks, CalArts), waitlisted at the second and accepted with full funding at the third (which just so happened to be my first choice school).

This girl is going to grad school, y’all!!!

Full funding–come to find out–does not include housing these days. Also: not that I’m super excited about taking on further student loan debt but I can only borrow against the estimated cost my program cosigns. They allow for $1618 in supplies for the entire academic year. (I want to know who came up with this amount and when the last time they shopped for art supplies was–fucking 1978?

Add in the expense of swapping coasts and yeah…it’s a great big old stress mess.

For now: that will have little bearing on this project. However, beginning in September–unless something gives–this project will be slowing down in a major way. We’ll almost certain go from a post every day (on average) to something like five (5) posts every two (2) weeks.

It’s not my preference to take that approach–however: something will have to give and this is the first thing with any flexibility.

Thus, if you like what we do here and you are able to do so: really, really please give some thought to supporting us via our Patreon. I realize in the real world only about 2% of your total followers can be counted on to offer support. But seriously, if 10% of you pledged $5/month, I could treat this project as my job and essentially do this and be a full-time student. (Also: if Patreon isn’t your jam, and you want to just donate–reach out and we’ll figure out how to make that happen.)

I am also working on two other things that will eventually be tied into this project: a series of guerilla exhibitions and a subscription introduction to photography history and technique online course. (Both of those are taking a lot longer than I anticipated to pull together.)

Lastly, Vox ran this think piece on digital imaging with smartphones and its impact on memory. There’s a host of category mistakes and uninformed assumptions. But it’s the first time I’ve really read something like this directed at non-photo/imaging folks and I think that despite it’s boneheadedness, the crux of the matter it’s trying to address is actually worth photographs and image makers more actively engaging with.

(If I seem scattered, I am. This week has been an abject clusterfuck and I am spectacularly ragged brained right now. Thanks for putting up with me.)

About two-and-a-half weeks ago this happened; I fan-personed everywhere.

In other news: I swearing to myself I’ll start posting again once shit stabilizes; unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, shit shows no sign of doing more than balancing precariously.

I haven’t completely squandered my time: shelter + food contingencies are pretty much locked in–at least through late spring.

I am still struggling with a lot and I don’t feel equal to the task but it’s time to take a hammer to this seized up engine block, time to get things rolling again.

It will not be smooth sailing, by any means; but I promise to push toward some regaining of momentum.

Thank you all so very, very much for your encouragement and support, for sticking it out; it means more to me than I can express.