(via snusk)

Largely, pornography is produced as a single-serving ‘experience’. One watches it, masturbates to it, gets off and then shuts it off.

On occasion there’s an image or video returned to over and over—something about the chemistry between the performers, the scenario, etc.—because nothing else reaches the itch it scratches quite like it.

For me, this is such an image. Although it is not without problems—namely, the woman is displayed like a trophy while the men remain hidden. Still, it manages—probably accidentally—to upend these troubling facets in interesting ways.

This is ostensibly a group sex scene: a woman and three men—the woman holds the photographer’s member. (The head of which is just visible in the frame.) Another man covers the woman’s genitals with his left hand, fingers glistening with her wetness. You can see another male foot in the upper right corner of the frame. Splotches of semen appear on the the sheets.

The woman—face flushed, eyes closed, the edge of her lip pinched between her white teeth—is enjoying herself.

What makes this image stand out is its subversion—at least in my reading— of porn’s tendency to encourage voyeurs to imagine themselves as part of the scene. While seeing this makes me wish I had been a party to this event, I never for a second get the impression that I would be welcome were I suddenly to appear en media res.

That is not really a problem, though. It is enough to know there are really people out there having and further enjoying the type of sex I dream often of having.

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