A lot has been going on: I lost my job and my continuing health troubles seem to be worsening again but I was also able to spend a week shooting a commercial with a dear friend– my first substantial production work in half a decade.

As a much needed break from a suicidally punishing production schedule, my friend and I saw Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling’s The East.

Exclude the preposterous ‘twist’ miring the third act it is one of the best films I’ve seen in a good long while. (Even with it, it’s still damn decent.)

It was entertaining but never comfortable– like want to be held and realizing only after you lover slaps you hard across the face and spitting into your mouth that you needed that for which you were most afraid of asking.

Above is a still from a scene in which members of a vaguely anarchistic group of eco-terrorists plays spin-the-bottle with radically reinterpreted rules that emphasize consent.

I can’t really talk about it without tearing up a little– it’s so effing beautiful. And I wanted it to be my new post. Unfortunately, Tumblr doesn’t play nice with JavaScript embedding, so please accept THIS LINK instead.

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